Chess v2.4 torrent

Chess v2.4

Chess v2.4 torrent


Chess v2.4

Chess v2.4


Requirements: Android +

“Chess” paid the highest ranked chess Android (time of writing), now in the paid chess program.

“Chess” paid the highest ranked chess Android (time of writing), now in the paid chess program.


– 12 levels of play (Student Expert)

It is used to lower the level of intelligent weakened. Good for beginners.

– Relaxed and Pro mode (! NEW)

This helps to enable the game gives you two modalitateJoko berbedaAnda must choose, and theykeeps separate statistics.

– Uses Treebeard chess engine

(Chess MSN, Microsoft used). GTA 5 Grand torrent
This “” style “human-like” has a single.

– Tutor chess

This option is recommended to move the display piece. The Sims 4 This is how to make the step to play without telling you what you think will help you. It is good for the development of chess skills while helping to avoid mistakes easily.

– Show CPU aukeraThinking level 3+

A unique feature, great forlearning chess. show iniIWhereas moving AI.

– Statistics chess timer, tips and losses

Keep track of your career history against each level and improve your score

– Achievements, Cloud Tables and statistics for the win! (New!)

When you sign in to your Google+ account

– Based on the results against the CPU Mode Pro provides ELO rating (! NEW)

– Hot-seat 2 Players

jokatuZure against friends!

– 8 chess board and chess set 7

– Review Mode game

langkahkembali through your game and see howhe won!

– Load File / save the game and PGNexportación

– Designed for both Tablet and Phone

tablet in landscape mode. (New!)

What’s new:

– Increased level of play Endgame 10, 11 and 12.

– Krkr end of the match was fixed.

– Added opportunity to Ep. “Analyzing” upgraded, and moved to bar the action button.

-PGN Change issues.

– CPU design will offer and retired (can be disabled in the settings), and then receive ataumenarik players reject offerthat.





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