Diabetes education videos online

Slide1For a while, we have been toying with the idea of how to disseminate diabetes education to a wider audience. The Covid-19 crisis provided the perfect opportunity!

These videos will be hosted live at set times which will be advertised on our facebook page every week. So here’s the simple guide as to how to access these videos.

  1. Like and follow our facebook page to receive regular updates.
  2. Download the Zoom App on your PC or mobile device – instructions can be found here
  3. Keep watching our Facebook page for updates of each week’s topic and the password and meeting ID you will need to access the videos
  4. Please read our Terms & Conditions prior to attending these videos online.

The aim is not to replace regular medical care but rather to highlight areas that may need further attention. Dr Diab will host each of the sessions but as no face-to-face individual consultation is possible, no personal advice will be given during the sessions.