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GIMP 2.8

GIMP 2.8 Free Download Torrent


GIMP 2.8

GIMP 2.8

GIMP is a free, open-source tool that allows you to create and edit images.

GIMP has been around for more than two decades of development and stable over the years. Latest update for GIMP is to kill the new features and insights into the future of the open-source inieditor great.”>Spider Man 3 free download torrent


All the functions of GIMP are still there. You can create your own images using tools for airbrushing, penciling, cloning, and creating nastrmnini. Power users can and patternsMembuatuberus for later use. GIMP, also allows users to manipulate images imported into the program. You can crop images, add text, resize and create nested levels. There is also a way to animate your creations.


GIMP is now going to make changes with many user interface of the application for beginners. The largest addition to the interface is the ability to edit in a window. GIMP version naminatoturConfusing interface, tetapipemaju many of these topics in this latest version. While one-window mode is great, it is also disappointing that there is no way to see page she was doing the different projects.

Other features include more mudahpenyuntingan text, nested layer sets updated, and changes to use the graphics library generics (GEGL), which handles a very sophisticated picture frame. GEGL introduced a few years ago with the developer version andNow has its way into the black, short pengguna.pemaju GIMP hoping to move fully to the version of GEGL One of the main advantages of using GIMP GEGL is the ability to work for non-destructive editing and high bit depth images.

GIMP is now only stored on your own XCF format to keep lapisanlain information file manipulation. Users will still be saved in a format like JPEG and PNG, but you will have to “export” the project,Instead of saving. The following Adobe vostapkitePhotoshop.

GIMP is better than ever before. Mengambilpengalaman developers and users seriously about the development of this great image editor to speed up.


For a complete list of changes, click here.

GIMP supports the following formats



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