Our Story

The story of The Atrium Lifestyle Centre starts with a piece of land in Gillitts that required a new vision when it was purchased by  the developer sometime in 2014 . The old house was neglected and run-down but the property ideal in terms of location and landscape to create a dream. The next few months involved much negotiation with architects, town planners, the municipality and other stakeholders to begin building.

Careful consideration was taken to preserve many of the old bricks of the house that now form a nostalgic entrance into The Atrium’s Coffee House and tell the visual story for all to see. Most of the existing indigenous trees were preserved and the Flat Crown tree in the centre of the property actually formed the centrepiece around which the entire building was designed. Over 20 existing azalea bushes were lovingly transplanted to form a colourful hedge on the northern boundary of the property and many others were moved to create focal points within the car park and entrance areas.

In addition to the preservation of the natural habitat, the developers also made provision for the storage of rainwater in an 180kl tank built beneath the gym area of the building which is able to irrigate the garden and serve all toilets in the building. 65 solar panels on the flat double story roof also provide all electricity for the building and a carefully designed building ensures that very little climate control within the building is required. The true inspiration of the building is the central double-story glass atrium which provides an aesthetically-pleasing work environment as well as a unique space in which to grow fresh ingredients for the Coffee House.

This building epitomised everything that is a dream and a vision and tells the story of how lifestyles can be truly renovated with a little creativity!

  • May 2016 - brick wall
    May 2016 - brick wall
    Reclaimed brick wall entrance to coffee shop. These were the bricks from the original house on site.
  • May 2016 - interior view
    May 2016 - interior view
    Interior view - May 2016
  • May 2016 - doors go in
    May 2016 - doors go in
    Doors and windows start getting fitted
  • May 2016 - solar roof
    May 2016 - solar roof
    View of solar panel "farm" on roof
  • Comrades
    Best view of Comrades Marathon - from the solar roof!
  • June 2016 - exterior view no colour
    June 2016 - exterior view no colour
    First view of the building with its beautiful glass windows
  • June 2016 - roof view
    June 2016 - roof view
    View from roof top garden towards solar roof
  • June 2016 - wall
    June 2016 - wall
    The boundary wall on Old Main Road
  • June 2016 - 6 weeks
    June 2016 - 6 weeks
    6 weeks to go....
  • June 2016 - outside
    June 2016 - outside
    A splash of colour on the outside - view from M13 highway
  • June 2016 - reception
    June 2016 - reception
    A very green welcome at the reception
  • June 2016 - conference room
    June 2016 - conference room
    The interior gets some colour
  • June 2016 - coffee shop
    June 2016 - coffee shop
    The coffee shop starts looking more inviting
  • Corridor lights
    Corridor lights
    July 2016 - the lights are connected! beautiful LED lights that look like skylights inside.
  • July 2016 - fire escape
    July 2016 - fire escape
    The fire escape goes in
  • July 2016 - roof top garden
    July 2016 - roof top garden
    July 2016 - roof top garden
  • July 2016 - last glimpse
    July 2016 - last glimpse
    Last glimpse at the almost finished product!
  • Old house - northern view
    Old house - northern view
    An old family home will make way for a new family...
  • Old garage
    Old garage
    West view of the old house
  • Old House
    Old House
    The old house in its final stages of demolition. The flat crown tree in the foreground will form the centrepiece of the whole new building.
  • The demolition begins
    The demolition begins
    The demolition begins - Nov 2014
  • Nov 2015 - foundations
    Nov 2015 - foundations
    After a year of planning, the first foundations begin - Nov 2015
  • Nov 2015 - basement floor
    Nov 2015 - basement floor
    The basement begins to take shape - Nov 2015
  • Ground floor - Dec 2015
    Ground floor - Dec 2015
    The ground floor slabs are in place - Dec 2015
  • Christmas party - Dec 2015
    Christmas party - Dec 2015
    Building staff Christmas party - Dec 2015
  • Soccer match
    Soccer match
    What else do you do at a party but play soccer - bricklayers vs. visitors
  • Jan 2016 - Second floor slab
    Jan 2016 - Second floor slab
    Pouring the second floor slab - Jan 2016
  • Jan 2016 - the atrium
    Jan 2016 - the atrium
    View into the central atrium - Jan 2016
  • Feb 2016 - the gym
    Feb 2016 - the gym
    The gym begins to emerge - Feb 2016
  • Floating boats
    Floating boats
    Doing what children do best! Polystyrene boat races in the uncovered atrium.
  • Mar 2016 - ground floor
    Mar 2016 - ground floor
    With some imagination, we can begin to see our offices - March 2016
  • Mar 2016 - atrium
    Mar 2016 - atrium
    The atrium starts to take shape - March 2016
  • Mar 2016 - roof top view
    Mar 2016 - roof top view
    A beautiful autumn day in March 2016 - view from roof top garden
  • Mar 2016 - exterior view
    Mar 2016 - exterior view
    Exterior view - March 2016
  • April 2016 - conference room
    April 2016 - conference room
    Interior rooms start to emerge - April 2016
  • April 2016 - first floor
    April 2016 - first floor
    First floor interior view - April 2016
  • May 2016 - entrance
    May 2016 - entrance
    The main entrance - May 2016