Diabetes Management Programme (DMP)

The DMP is a comprehensive and all-inclusive diabetes treatment programme that is provided to eligible members of contracted medical aid schemes. Persons with diabetes, who are members of contracted medical aid schemes, may elect to join the DMP, and receive the benefits of the programme. There is no joining fee, and all diabetes services are provided at no additional cost to the patient. The DMP is designed to enhance good health and well-being and place the patient at the centre of care.

What services are provided?

Each person on the DMP is encouraged to receive a full range of consultation services. These include:

  • consultations with their contracted doctor, accredited in diabetes care (2 per year)
  • consultations with a diabetes nurse educator (2 per year) either individually or within a small groups
  • diabetes education with a dietitian focusing on specific needs of the individual patient or in small group sessions
  • annual screening of eyes and feet for diabetes-related complications (does not include treatment of any conditions detected)
  • all persons on the DMP will have their diabetes prescription managed by the CDE. This is to ensure that the most appropriate diabetes therapies are always provided for optimum diabetes health.
  • testing strips and most consumables related to diabetes management are also included (Insulin infusion pumps, pump consumables, continuous glucose monitoring devices and their consumables are NOT included in the benefits but will certainly be managed by your doctor)
  • diabetes related blood tests including HbA1c and other indicated tests (Please speak to your doctor BEFORE having these bloods taken as specific forms need to be completed)
  • access to a 24-hour emergency hotline facility to assist in diabetes management.

Please note:

Non-diabetes related services may be advocated by your diabetic specialist team but are not included as part of the programme benefits. Those services are funded by your medical aid in the normal fashion.

All consultations must be authorised by your CDE doctor prior to the appointment being made. Any changes to your diabetes medication suggested by other medical practitioners will also need to be authorised by your CDE doctor.

Diabetes services over and above the minimum stated above will be provided according to clinical need at the discretion of your CDE doctor.

ALL potential visits to hospital must be reported to your CDE doctor within 24 hours of admission. Any potential diabetes-related hospitalisation needs to be authorised by your CDE doctor PRIOR to admission in order to avoid inadvertent costs being incurred.

Who pays for the services?

To cover the costs of the services, medications, testing strips and laboratory tests provided, contracted medical aid schemes pay a monthly per patient fee to the CDE (a capitation fee). This is a set fee, and does not vary from month to month. By receiving this fee, the DMP is able to cover the costs of services provided. This means that members of the DMP do not pay for the DMP services they receive. No co-payments are levied.

Who provides the services?

Persons with diabetes on the DMP are assigned to a contracted doctor, who is accredited by the CDE in diabetes care. This doctors has the responsibility to assist persons with diabetes to take responsibility for their health. Whilst you are a member f the DMP, only this contracted doctor should be consulted for your diabetes. You will be referred to other practitioners as the need exists.

How do I become a member?

If you are a member of a contracted medical aid scheme, fill in the “Member Application & Consent form” on this page. Your application will then be sent through to your medical aid scheme for verification and approval. Depending on your medical aid and the date of application, this may only be processed the following calendar month. Once you have been approved on the DMP, you will be notified and your monthly membership of the DMP will commence. For assistance, please phone 011-053 4400 (08h30-17h00, Monday-Friday) and ask to speak to Nomsa, Rakesh or Bethwell.