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Anti 23 5

Anti 23 5 torrent download


Anti 23 5

Anti 23 5


Internet, the parents transformed challenge, primarily because of the adult content, which is essentially a search for children. Portable 4 1
au/winzip-20-caffine-torrent-download/”> The best way to do this is to install special software that restrict access to certain sites such as this. Anti eject online and offline content evil, and a high degree of control over their parents available approval procedure. In addition to prohibiting access to pornography, chat applications or games, and zablokowanepozwala parents benderfynufaintZeitchildren spend on the computer.

Here are some key features of “anti”:

Blocking Web:

Thousands of anti-Blocks web sites and predatory predefine what children, for example, web site and offensive to see at the same time, you can not, you can control the filtering accuracy.

Limit Internet chat:

This can reduce the number of anti-popular chat software and web chat chambers.

ograniczaćDostęp to the Internet during the day and time:

you can easilyfind internet access time at certain hours, is also specific anti peculiarity that the PC time will be calibrate the Greenwich Time.

Keep a complete record of the history of the computer:

The counter conducts a detailed log of all web sites visited, blocked or not.

traffic records for a review of the use of the Internet:

You can get a list of computers your children, ALocating all photos, videos, music files and web pages.

recommendtrusted sites:

Antihat several sites recommended fit for children. You can also add any other.

What sy’nnewydd

– Anti-block may HTTPS.




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