Foot care in diabetes

foot careFoot care is essential in diabetes management. Limb amputations are NOT necessary! They are   a complete failure of diabetes management and can be completely prevented through adequate care and education.

The most important part is to ensure you inspect your feet on a regular basis. Look for changes in skin colour or for any areas of tenderness. Look for scratches or cuts and report any sign of infection to your doctor as soon as possible.

walk barefootMake sure you dry between your toes after a shower or bath and always wear protective foot wear especially when walking on sharp or uneven surfaces.

small shoes


Wear proper fitting shoes and socks. Socks should be dry and not too tight. Inspect shoes before putting them on and look to see if there are any foreign objects that may cause damage to the feet. Change your footwear regularly to avoid abnormal pressure points developing.


Moisturise and massage your feet regularly to improve circulation and make sure you keep foot massageyour toenails short and straight. Do not cut them into the corners. Don’t treat corns or calluses yourself but rather seek professional help.


All people with diabetes should ensure that they have their feet examined at least every 6 months to prevent any damage or detect deterioration. These simple steps can really make a difference in preventing unnecessary complications!