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Free Screen Recorder

Free Screen Recorder fast-dl download free torrent


Free Screen Recorder

Free Screen Recorder

Computer users often surprise the lack of certain tools in Windows. One such lost tool is the ability to record on-screen activity, such as search or typing. You can record images on the screen, but there is no function for recording video. This is a type of nichewhich software developers want to fill in, generating programs that are useful for a variety of small tasks. One of these programs is Free Screen Recorder, which is free as the name suggests and the alat and the lightweight.

Ideal for presentations

FreeScreen Recorder is just a compact screenshotfor Windows, which allows you to record images on your screen. The most obvious use for this is the creation of guides and presentations that distinguish this software.

This program captures the sound of the screen and speakers at once, plus you can record your microphone at the top, perfect for tracks.
Bandicam Screen Recorder 3 Playerswill be useful for shooting by playing for a moment from the top.

There are several variables that allow you to do this. Some flexibility with this software, such as the ability to shoot an entire screen or just one window (perfect when many tasks are required).You can also choose to take photos directly from the camera. You can record shooting images when recording and outputting with various high quality certificates such as MP4, AVI, VMV, FLV and H264.

Record by pressing the button

As far as usability is concerned, Free Screen Recorder is builtfree program. Although shooting may not always be perfect, there are many settings for setting and very easy to use.

You have a simple floating window with credentials and recovery options for options like camera source. Although not very pretty, very fast and simple. Existsmany soft touches to make life easier and add functionality, such as the ability to add text and images to your images. This is very important for those who want to record a video or a presentation. Adding later can be very painful.

You can also add hot keys to get startedand stop recording, which is very convenient if you do not want to replace the windows or look for a click button. For those who want to see the mouse, there is an optional mouse click on the visual and sound effects that can greatly ease the highlighted points in your presentation.

What you see iswhat you get!

The Free Screen Recorder actually says what it says is that there is no debate. Without any costs, you can download this small program in a few seconds and you have access to a quick one-button shot that opens many options.

You can record a game, create a presentation or onlyplay with your visuals. Those looking for professional tools can be disappointed, but free is a great place to start.


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