Greetings from San Diego!

Greetings from sunny San Diego in California! The good thing about modern technology is that you can still work even from the other side of the planet! I have just had the immense privilege of attending the American Diabetes Association Congress in San Diego. What an experience it has been! From walking around the Gaslamp quarter, going for a run along the Martin Luther King Jr Boulevard with conference delegates on Sunday morning to sampling the delights of Mexican culinary influences in quaint restaurants! And that is beside all the conference tracks and complete overload of information on latest trends and developments in diabetes.

San diego

So what is new in diabetes?

* Oral medications may soon be available for use in type 1 diabetes that can influence both fasting and post-meal glucose leveLs.

* New combination medications for use in type 2 diabetes that target up to 5 or 6 of the 8 pathophysiological pathways that influence metabolism in diabetes.

* Fascinating new biological studies showing a potential protective effect the placenta may have in development of diabetes in the fetus. In addition, the far-reaching beneficial effects of switching to a healthy diet PRIOR to conception both for the pregnancy and the fetus.

* Numerous debates on the positive effect of using continuous glucose monitoring systems even in type 2 diabetes and those using only oral anti-diabetic agents. This is going to be the future of home glucose monitoring with fantastic technology available to integrate with activity and food apps.

* And finally, a passion of mine – shared decision making and communication. The research, advocacy and patients tools available were truly inspiring.

And so as i summarised to some colleagues earlier today – I know have just 3 problems…..

1. The blisters on my feet from walking up and down the 1.2km convention centre

2. How will I ever eat cereal, sandwiches and spag bol again as opposed to cinnamon buns, fish tacos and paella?

3. How do I get myself back to ADA next year to soak up all this inspiration again?

So thank you to everyone who has made this incredible experience possible. Hopefully my colleagues and patients will be secondary recipients of this incredible opportunity!