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Internet Explorer 9

Internet Explorer 9 Torrent Download


Internet Explorer 9

Internet Explorer 9

With a classic Microsoft browser, you can search for occasional settings for multiple options (security, privacy, usability).

New options for security and privacy

Internet Explorer 9 has a new look and offers many options to access its competitors.

In terms of privacy, the InPrivate feature (which allows you to search incognito) is highly appreciated. You can open the page without saving the pages youvisited in your history or received the request. It is now also possible to customize your privacy options to select a type of information you want to share with the sites you visit. Internet Download Manager IDM 6

It seems that Microsoft Security is improving security, and Internet Explorer 9 now offers new tools like Tracking Protection and Smartscreen filters (which you can use to check the security certificates websites to avoid unwanted pages).

Do they fitYour web search experience

Internet Explorer 9 is a way for Microsoft (possibly) to enter the system of cards in the browser. There’s no need to open new windows for every other page you visit, and trust me, this new feature is really fresh air for Internet Explorer. It is regrettable that this innovation takes place so long (much longer than the competition) that is being introduced!

However, this search engine offers some of the most interesting onesOptions. You can choose the language to choose oneThe version will be displayed for the site. Suitable if you travel abroad or always want to display web pages in your own language. You can also change the search to select your favorite, and you do not need to use Bing as the base.

As much as possible, Internet Explorer 9 is also following and now offers more plug-ins to personalize your browser. However, do not use any extensions,Internet Explorer always blames delays on other browsers like FireFox! The New Advanced People Center A useful option for checking resource consumption so you can quickly identify extensions that can slow down your search.

The continuous browser is still far away

There is no doubt that Microsoft has radically changed its copy for Internet Explorer 9, with new (and welcome) privacy, security and privacyExpansion Capabilities. In particular, mention should be made of performance centers which are clearly the only competitor.

Despite the programmer’s efforts, Internet Explorer 9 still lags behind its main competitor. Internet Explorer 6 64/32 Bit Torrent Download Everywhere fast as Chrome, just as diverse as Firefok or equivalent to Opera, the Microsoft browser is too easy for the extension and too heavy to get the actual speed. Internet Explorer 9 is fine, but the site is awesomeof the genre.


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