Phase One Capture One Pro 10 64bit Download Torrent

Phase One Capture One Pro 10

Phase One Capture One Pro 10 64bit Download Torrent


Phase One Capture One Pro 10

Phase One Capture One Pro 10

Capture One 10 Pro – option mode in software for image editing! Capture One Pro is designed with the world’s most demanding photographers and is a professional choice in the field of software images.

Information about colors

Capture One Pro is known for its extraordinary processing. Our customized profile camera shows every RAW file – directly from the camera. Whether you’re looking for a creative tool for color correction or want to make sure the natural colors are in the picture, CaptureOnePro provides powerful and precise tools to achieve vision


The important asset management for any photographer is to manage the images from individual daily work or large collections with thousands of images. Capture One Pro offers tools and solutions for every type of photographer that makes asset management simple, fast and effective.

Full control

Capture One Pro is designed with image quality and ease of use. Any tools designed to give you full control of submissionAll aspects of the treatment process – Maintenance, repair and optimize all information from your RAW files. Extensive complete toolkit offers always achieve perfect results.

Workflow and efficiency

Tool customization, graphical acceleration shortcuts and live recording – Capture One Pro is built to reduce workload and improve your efficiency. FastStone Capture 6 Download Torrent Create your own workspace and choose your own nachinraboti on Capture One Pro.

What’s new in Capture One Pro 10:

High performance Machines

RecordedPro 10 gardening improves performance engine for faster surfing, panoreren, ready to fast switch between images.

Exacerbation of three steps

Full control Capture scherpingsproces out. Diffraction Correction, a new creative tool for Halo Control makes cutting easier and recipes independent uitvoerscherpen counting each sumaza end size.

Check out

Take an exact guess the size of the picture: ICC profile Proof, scale and compression outputScherpen Recipes on a new click with one timeclick.

Camera Focus Tool

The camera focus remains from the computer. This tough aerial photos has never been easier.

Tangent Support panel

Support for Tangent range of professional input panels allows adjustment to the next level. Analog raztvortsifroviya dark room.

Supercharged makes LCC

LCC is revised with multi-threading support, which can analyze LCC is 10 times faster.

In Join folderkatalog

Folders can nuWorden moved, reorganized and merged into catalog onlyDrop Slot.

Filter orientation

Photos can now be oriented Landscape, Portrait, or Square to find images.

Auto Mask for everyone

Auto Mask feature is now Extended FormatrazlichenBayer by Fuji Xtrans, MRAW and sRAW.

Improved sraw and maintenance of mRAW

Capturing the full set of Ones can now be used to set the chromatic aberration analysis lens and produce the most compressed LCC format from Canon and Nikon.Zie release notes for full weight support.

AppleScriptExtended (only for Mac)

The Meta Data Options Option field and the EIP package are now focused on the automation routines.

Install note:

– Install the program, not running

– kopiesadarzhanieto Crack the folder to the main program directory

– default directory C: / Program Files / Stage One / Capture One 10

– Start Program

– go to Edit – Preferences – Update – under automatic check or change Do not update – close window

Winnen10 64bit – Screen after installation:


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