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Apple is widely criticized when it initially released a very rough and unstable version of Safari for Windows. Things have changed since then, and Safari 5 made an introduction, as a new Reader icon to make it easy to read page, the fastest page loading time, and significantly improvedHTML5 support for better video support and stability.

All the original features, such as top-of-the-top for easy site management and CoverFlash, are also reviewed with iTunes-tagged sites.

Very sweet apple

Safari was the first Windows browser to present the most popularsites that are one of the most interesting aspects of Safari. Top sites show panoramic thumbnails from the most visited places on a single screen. Simply click on the window you want to visit and go directly to the page. If you visit the same sites eachday, Top Sites is a convenient way to access They create a browser without having access to the bookmarks. It’s also a great way to track your most visited locations and block your favorite location in one place so you always know where you are when you open Safari. The FoolsAngles mean those with new content, so you can see which ones are up to date.

Meanwhile, Cover Flov will be known to all iTunes users who let you see your bookmarks across the width of the page while watching the latest ones. Far Cry 4 Download”>AllData 10.53
The principle is based on album navigation in iTunes. While this is excellent, its usefulness is questionable.

However, search history is useful. Simply enter the word and Safari reveals every cached page: this is very useful when you can not remember where the hell isseen the name of a particular person or game.

Add-ons as a reader allow you to move your content in the same way that you change the font. There are several search options for the Safari search box, so you are not blocked on Google.

Other practical features in Safari include Tabs onTop that makes it easier for you to access and open Safari. You can also drag tabs to another Safari window.

In addition, standard features in Safari remain. By clicking on the RSS feed in the URL bar, you can see all articles in your feed, you can displaydate and get a detailed title.

stable useful

Safari eliminates most of the errors that were initially unpleasant to use on a computer, and is now a very stable and easy-to-use browser. HTML5 support improves what it means Now you can watch videosFull screen HTML5 as well as HTML5 geolocation features are available to Safari users.

Navigation and advanced in Safari is also easier for predictive URLs that actually search for keyword page caching, first, just looking for specific pages, more accurately and accurately. The speedhas always been essential to Safari and Apple has improved with an improved Nitro engine that intends to execute Javascript much faster than previous versions.

This is not the best but certainly the weakest

Safari does not have add-ons compared to Firefok and Chrome, but can not be denied,that Safari brings the touch of Apple’s style and class to the computer.


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