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Surviving the Christmas Spread

The intentional use of the word ‘spread’ as a pun for the title of this note is inspired by the fact that the average person gains about 2 kilograms over the Christmas period. For some this may come as a shock while for others, only 2 seems like a relief, but the point is we cannot afford it either way.

Preventing or managing obesity or chronic diseases has to be a full time effort with consistency as a key to success. “But, it is Christmas?” is not a feasible excuse to ditch your healthy eating habits and indulge excessively when it comes to high energy, nutrient empty festive foods. A weight loss of just 10 % achieved by an overweight person contributes significantly to management and prevention of chronic diseases of lifestyle such as diabetes, hypertension and heart disease. It stands to reason then that a weight gain of 2 kilograms over Christmas is somewhat detrimental to the management and prevention of chronic disease.

Starting a new year heavier than the last is unlikely to be inspiring or motivating and for this reason alone, combating the Christmas Spread will be a worthwhile effort. The good news is that healthy eating need not be boring or bland. I have been gathering ideas over the last few weeks and below is a round up of my favourite healthy festive eating tips and recipes.

Wishing you a wonderful, healthy, happy and safe Christmas to see you well into 2017!

5 tips to manage your weight during Christmas:

  1. Do not over indulge on your own, save the treats for the social events
  2. When eating from a buffet, first scan and select before serving to avoid a pile of tasters. Rather create an enjoyable meal with a few foods that compliment each other
  3. Make your bakes healthier by substituting ingredients, making mini varieties or simply reducing the sugar content by 1/3
  4. Keep eating vegetables every day – roasted, steamed or simply tossed together in a salad
  5. Stay hydrated with water and keep moving

5 ways to reduce the intake of sugary beverages:

  • Flavour your own water with fruit and vegetable slices
  • Dilute 100% berry juice with soda water and sugar free lemonade
  • Make your own iced tea with Rooibos tea, ice, frozen berries and mint
  • Alternate alcoholic beverages with soda water or dilute wine with soda water and ice
  • Use a splash of cordial in soda water rather than drinking fizzy drinks

5 links to great ideas for healthy but novel festive foods:

Roasted Chickpeas

Whole-wheat Ginger Biscuit Shapes (can use canola oil)

Gluten Free Christmas Cake (for those with allergies or intolerance)

Gingerbread Crumpets

Rainbow Chicken Salad

My Healthy Holidays Pinterest Board

Christmas spread