World Kidney Day

DID YOU KNOW that 8th March 2018 is World Kidney Day?

What is kidney disease?kidneys

Kidneys are those two small little organs in your abdomen that remove waste products from the blood. Diabetes can damage the kidneys especially if blood glucose levels are too high. This causes filtration of waste products to be impaired. Diabetic kidney disease is almost entirely preventable through good blood glucose and blood pressure control.

How can it be prevented?

One of the main problems with kidney disease is that it is virtually asymptomatic until almost all kidney function is lost. This means that you cannot wait until you feel different to check your kidney function. At least every 6 months, people with diabetes should have their kidney function monitored and small deteriorations in function should prompt a change in medication or tighter control of blood glucose and blood pressure. Targets for blood pressure control and flags for kidney disease are much stricter in people with diabetes than in the general population.

Can it be treated?

Mild and moderate disease may be treated with a change in medication and lifestyle. Dietary changes can also offer some protection. Some hypertensive medications can offer protection to the kidneys as well. Once end stage renal disease is established, the only treatment is regular dialysis or a kidney transplant. Both of these options are costly and demand a dramatic lifestyle change so rather speak to your doctor about how to prevent and protect your kidneys.